Spelling lists operate on a 5 day schedule.  The pre-test is given on Day 1 and the test is given on Day 5.  For each list, the students are given a paper copy with the words and a homework sheet for practice.  There are spelling games on the Wonders website for the students to help them study.  If they lose their list, the students can log on to the Wonders website, click on the “School to Home” link at the top of the home screen, and they are able to access the spelling list for the current week.


Grammar work will mostly be completed as classwork.  Students who do not complete their assigned classwork will be asked to complete it as homework or during WIN time.  Please check the 5th grade homework website to see what and when specific assignments are due.  Please note that some of the grammar activities are on the Wonders website and do require internet access for completion.  Therefore, it is in your child’s best interest to use their time wisely in class to complete assignments before they leave class.


Writing projects will rarely be sent home as all most all student work should be completed during class.  Students who choose not to use their time wisely in class may have to work on projects at home.  You may receive notification from me if you student is struggling to meet deadlines.